A Puppy Café Is Coming To NYC

Boris and Horton is a new eatery opening up in the East Village and it's extra special because you can bring your dog. We mean, could you think of a better date than man's (or woman's) best friend? We think not! There will be an assortment of pastries, savory sandwiches, and beverages - ya know, a quintessential café carte du jour. But did we mention there's a "lounging area" for your puppy pals and a photo booth as well? 

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Rejoice, Dog Lovers: New York City Is Finally Getting a Canine Cafe

In a city dominated by the burgeoning cat cafe market, New York City is finally saying woof to a new type of eating experience with animals. Yes, that's right—dogs are finally getting their cute and cuddly due with the opening of the city's first dog cafe later this year.

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New York City Is Getting a Dog Café

Boris and Horton will open in the East Village this winter.

Cat cafés are so last season. (Regardless, they are great causes—so go check one out when you grab your next coffee.) Instead, this season's New York City hotspot is filled with fluffy creatures who are little less coy and a lot more slobbery. That's right: New York City is getting its first dog café, Boris and Horton.

Now, this little East Village spot—which will open this winter—is a little different than cat cafés in one more important aspect: the café won't always have dogs inside up for adoption. Instead, it will be a dog-friendly space, where patrons can bring their own pups, and dog-less coffee and wine aficionados can cuddle up to canines.

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Boris and Horton: New York City’s First Dog Café Set to Open This Year

Japan’s popular cat cafés inspired the recent trend in urban cafés that cater to people and cats. This winter, if things go according to plans, New York’s first dog café rubberstamped by the Health Department will open on the Lower East Side.

Boris and Horton will open in the spaces vacated by Ost Café and the Raclette cheese shop on the corner of Avenue A and East 12th Street. This is the first dog cafe in New York City

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A Puppy Café Is Opening in the East Village


A beacon of hope in a dark, dark world: New York City is about to get its very first dog café. To be clear, however, it’s more of a BYOD situation. Unlike the city’s influx of cat-centric options, which come with actual ambient cats, this future East Village hot spot doesn’t employ any of its own resident canines. Instead, DNAInfo explains, Boris & Horton — named for the owners’ dogs, obviously — is a place where you can hang out with your own dog, or someone else’s dog, and also have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

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Dog-Friendly Cafe to Take Over Former Ost Cafe Spot in the East Village


EAST VILLAGE — You've heard of cat cafes — now get ready for New York City's first dog cafe.

A father-daughter duo this winter will open a "dog-friendly" cafe and lounge at the corner of East 12th Street and Avenue A where patrons can hang out with their beloved pets, enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine, and shop for dog merchandise all under one roof.

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